Sara McCord
Sara McCordCo-Owner
Sara lives in Western North Carolina with her husband and three daughters. The idea to create a line of Christian dolls first came to her in 2010, when she was busy caring for her two youngest daughters who were both under the age of 14 months. The idea continued to build in her mind and several months later Sara became convicted to make the concept a reality. The “little” miracles that have brought this project together have been many. The positive feedback she received from the public at a market test led Sara to believe this really was something that could encourage and bless little girls and was worth pursuing further. For the past three years she and Shane have been working to develop their own original American made doll.
Shane Hodges
Shane HodgesCo-Owner
Shane lives in Western North Carolina with her husband and daughter. Shane agreed to do the illustrations for the Girls of Faith books in 2012. She became a co-owner in 2014 when she saw how many people were interested in the dolls at the market test event. Soon afterward she began experimenting with molding clay and within a few months she had designed and hand molded our doll head! Over the past three years Shane has worked closely with our manufacturer to develop our Girls of Faith doll.