We at Girls of Faith want to challenge Christian girls across the world to live out their faith in a bold way. Each month we will share a new challenge that will encourage girls to share the message and love of Jesus with others.

Girls of Faith Challenge #2

This month, in honor of Friendship Day, which is Aug. 6, our challenge will be about friendship. Last month we challenged our girls (and ourselves) to reach out to someone we wouldn’t normally befriend and share the love of Jesus with them. I’d love to hear any stories you have to share about that experience. This month we will focus on friends we already know and love. Encourage your girl of faith to list all of her closest friends and do something special for each one of them this month. It could be as simple as writing a short note, sending a card, giving a small gift, etc. Think about each friend’s personality and what would mean something to them. Get creative and have fun!