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    Audrey Thompson is an out-going, friendly girl who lives in southern Tennessee. When Audrey’s parents invite a new family over for lunch, it starts a chain of events that ultimately leads to the perfect opportunity for Audrey to share her faith with a new friend. Along the way, Audrey learns that although she may not have all the answers, she can make a difference in someone’s life by simply sharing the love of Jesus. With the help of her parents and siblings, Audrey gets the chance to witness the life-changing power of God.
  • Hannah Patterson is a shy, quiet girl growing up in Groveland, Massachusetts, in the late 1800s. Hannah and her family live and work on a dairy farm owned and operated by a mean and uncaring man. In the midst of their difficult life, Hannah finds comfort in the Bible. Although she has many unanswered questions about what she reads in God’s Word, she rests in the peaceful feeling it always gives her. When Hannah witnesses a crime, she learns just how much she truly depends on God. Her life is changed when God comes to her aid in a miraculous way.
  • Kayla Newman is an energetic girl with big dreams. When her grandparents retire, and move in next door, she loves hearing about their missionary journeys and daydreaming about what she'll do for God when she is all grown up. Kayla's wise grandmother helps Kayla see that she doesn't have to wait until she's grown to do God's work. Kayla begins learning how to overcome her fears to be a bold missionary for God right in her own neighborhood.


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