As the idea of creating a line of Christian dolls developed in my mind, I began to dream of having them made in America. I started talking to other moms and found that they, too, were frustrated by the fact that no toy vinyl dolls on the market today are made in America.

So, I began a search and soon found out why we moms couldn’t find any American made vinyl dolls. There were no manufacturers left in our country! One company kept popping up on my search, but they only made baby dolls and baby doll kits for artists and collectors. They didn’t market their products as toys. I found artists and collectors across America who made wooden, cloth, or porcelain dolls, but it seemed that doll making, at least of vinyl dolls, was a dying art in our country. My search for an American manufacturer dwindled down to a disappointing end. I decided to focus on other aspects of the project by developing our characters and getting their stories written.

Finally, the time came to seriously seek out a manufacturer. About a year had passed since I had abandoned my initial search. I decided to try one more time to find an American company to work with before I signed on the dotted line to have our dolls made in another country. Long story short, I called the manufacturer of the doll kits I mentioned earlier. A new owner had taken over and he was interested in talking to me. Shane (see Meet the Doll Makers page) and I have had the privilege of designing and creating an 18 inch vinyl doll that is made in America! God is so good!

One of the reasons I wanted so much to have our dolls made in America is so we could have close communication with our manufacturer. Being able to personally go to the facility and see how the whole process is completed was invaluable.  The close proximity has also enabled me to monitor the making of the dolls to ensure we are getting just what we want. Other benefits of having our dolls made in America include knowing that we are supporting the American economy; helping to create and/or secure jobs for people who need them; feeling confident that our products are safe; and supporting safe and fair working conditions for those who manufacture them. And on top of all that, it’s also better for the environment!

You will see a tag on the side of our Girls of Faith dolls that indicates the body slip was made in China. This style of body slip is not made in America so we order them from China. We also made a decision to have our doll clothes made in China in an effort to keep the end cost down for your families. For these reasons we market our dolls as Made in America with U.S. and imported components.*

We will continue to research the option of having our doll clothes made in America as we grow.


Our American manufacturer went out of business in 2021. We were sadly out of stock for quite some time, but recently began operating again. Here is an email I sent to our customer base in Aug, 2022:


Thank you all for your patience! I finally have some exciting news for you 🙂
The company I told you about in TX is still in the process of creating a manufacturing facility where someday, hopefully, they can produce our original Girls of Faith doll. For the time being, though, they have given me permission to use their existing 18 inch doll. At first I wasn’t thrilled about this idea for two reasons. Number one, our doll is very special to us, having been crafted by Shane’s own hands, we believe it to be one of the most beautiful dolls on the market. Number two, this new doll is made in China. That was a huge bummer to me because having our dolls made in America was one of the foundational decisions we made right from the start of this company. However, God has changed my mind. I realized that our little girls still need to hear the message of God’s transformational love through the activity of play. And they need it now more than ever, regardless of where the doll is made. I have sent the new doll out to a handful of customers and have gotten all positive feedback. I’d really love to hear from you. What do you think? I have taken temporary photos of the new dolls and have them on the website now and attached here. I’m clearIy not a professional photographer and the lightening isn’t especially flattering, but you get an idea of what she looks like. Once I get your feedback and more of these dolls in stock I plan to have better photos taken.


So 🙂 that’s the whole story up to this point in time. We shall see what God has planned for the future of Girls of Faith. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.